5 Reasons to Run a Tenant Background Check

5 Reasons to Run a Tenant Background Check

As a landlord, it’s almost impossible to be sure that someone is who they say they are. This is where a tenant background check is critical. A background check for tenants helps you find the most qualified candidates and gives you some much-needed peace of mind.

From verifying employment to checking credit, we’ve rounded up just a few of the many reasons why you should run tenant background checks. Let’s jump in and get you one step closer to qualified tenants.

1. Verify Employment

As a landlord, having your tenants pay their rent is one of your top priorities. A tenant background check will ensure you know your tenant’s employment status. You’ll be able to verify they work where they say they work and how long they have been employed.

2. Check Their Credit

A credit history tells a lot about a person. A credit score is a good indicator of how well someone handles their money. A low credit score could signal financial trouble or spending over their means.

The best tenant background check will show you the tenant's credit score and credit report. You’ll get a glimpse into how they pay their bills and if they have a clean record of paying on time. You can see their payment history, credit card balances, and more.

A background check is a great way to see how someone handles their money. This can give you some much-needed reassurance as to how likely they are to pay their rent on time.

3. Get Peace of Mind Over Criminal Activity

While someone may say they have a clean criminal record on their apartment application, there’s only one way to know for sure. A background check will show you a person’s criminal record if they have one.

4. Verify Their Identity

When someone applies for an apartment, collecting an identification card or driver’s license is standard. A background check can go a step further with their social security number. This will verify if the person applying is who they say they are.

5. See Their Rental History

A background check will also show you a tenant's rental history. You can see who they previously rented from and if they paid their rent on time. Previous rental history is a good indication of how they will pay their rent in the future.

Run a Tenant Background Check Today for More Peace of Mind

If you own a property in Maryland, it’s important to take care of your investment. You want to be sure the renters you have are trustworthy and will pay their rent each month. A tenant background check will help give you security and peace of mind.

To learn more about background checks and property management services, fill out the contact form here. You’ll be contacted by a property management expert who can help take your rental to the next level.

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